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My name is Marco, I am 25 years old and I study music therapy. Music has always been part of my life, when I was 5 years old I received a piano as a gift from my grandfather and since then I have never stopped playing. For a few years I started to do Rap, in the last two year I have concentrated in writing storytelling although initially I approached the world of rap with the discipline of freestyle.
In 2012 I met Donny with whom I write and register “impatto ep” that comes out in 2013, the same year I met Mr. Planta, with whom I toured Italy for the concerts, together with Donny, Planta, Ganja, Crad and Dj Sayno we form the WTR-Whattarap, then the collective separates and now There are three of us: I, Planta and Donny. We start to turn the North Italy to participate in various contest of showcase and most of us succeed in winning, we play at openings of artists such as Apollo Brown (in Brescia) and many other Italian artists.
In 2016 we arrived in the final at the Tour Music Fest and we played at the Piper Club in Rome, historic Italian locale regarding concerts.

In 2017 we recorded our ep in trio “non chiedere perchè” at the RKH studio in Torino, the disc is waiting for release but the single “nottata” is already online.
Each member of the collective “WTR ” is working on individual projects.



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