P.R.O. Familia

Italy // Bolzano



P.R.O. Familia is a group of Bolzano consisting of 4 components, a producer (Pre) and 3 artists (Paco, Loco and Pao). They approached the musical environment in 2016 after everyone cultivated their passion for rap in a strictly personal way.
The components have always been very close to each other since they were young because of a strong friendship, hence the term “Familia ” synonymous with brotherhood and familiarity preceded by the acronym P.R.O. representing the districts or streets where the 4 have grown and lived Together (via Palermo, via Roma and Oltrisarco).
They took the first steps by building their own workplace (ProStudio) and publishing the first single  “P.R.O. ” in March 2017 from which their musical project aimed to evolve in the course of time after the publication of other singles.
After several months of stop where they cared about the qualitative aspect of their pieces, they published the single “Non Si Gioca Pi ˘ ” followed by an international collaboration with a Parisian artist (Kojak), which led to the birth of the last single published  “Equipe”. In France they got to improve the artistic side of the upcoming single on their Youtube channel.




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