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Davide Nardella aka Nardo Dee is a rapper from Bolzano belonging to the crew Birrette Family.
In 2007 he released the Demo “NF” in collaboration with Fable.
In 2008 together with the help of Mc Sweet he founded the crew “individuals” and from that moment on a series of concerts at the local level started.
In 2012 begins to turn the North Italy to participate in the various contests of Freestyle present in the territory, knowing rappers of other regions and other realities; he then decides to enclose this new knowledge in a compilation called “Not 4 Sale VOL1”
From these journeys, often of luck, he comes out technically strengthened and with 4 mates of travel in addition, the following year in fact will become part of the crew “Birrette Family” which consists by Drimer, Scream, Compless and Big House.
“possetrack 1 “, the first single of the group with video will be released later and have a good success in the region so as to allow the 5 to do live with a discreet constancy and out of the Territory. In 2014 the first and only Demo of the Crew Birrette Family titled Eponymous was released. Some time later
the second single with video “Jackie Brown” will be released.
In 2015 Nardo Dee decides to leave the group to undertake a personal artistic journey; two more projects will come out: “Not 4 Sale VOL2” and “I campioni del campione” his first solo project.
In the winter of 2017 he decided to start writing the new album and, thanks to the help of Big House he managed to record a few singles in the studios of a prestigious University of Manchester, from these works comes the first single “Nella mia Città” with its video out.
The last work presented by Nardo Dee is a single with video
Titled “64bars”, A piece recorded at the Nibiru Studio in Milan.
He is still very active and in the process of releasing new songs.



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