Monkey Monsta

Italy // Bolzano



Monkey Monsta a.k.a. PITCH – Madattak crew’s founder – begins his musical experience at age 14, playing guitar in a punk band. There he learns to play drums and other instruments, lifting passion for music higher and higher. At 22-23 he jumps into electronic music production and makes it his main passion. In two years the artist is out with more than 60 discs and different labels (astrofonik, undergroundtekno, fsl, etcetera).
At the moment he counts more than 4 years of performances between Italy and Europe. Recognized as a complete, musically limitless artist, he also produces electro and other genres, among other things. And he is able as graphic designer and photographer. In fact he not only does curate his own image alone, but also realizes advertising for most of the parties he joins. His crossover style identifies him and immediately differentiates him from others. Monkey Monsta is inimitable.



Agency Beaz Radio

Phone 0471 933197

Email info@beazradio.it