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Maxibongclassic is born at the dawn of the new millennium…
Originally composed by the sole B-Murs (Beatmakers) and GigaMan (Mc) they welcome, already in the first work “PRIMI PASSI” in 2008, the brother of rhime TAPIZ even if only with a collab. The assortment is well oriented, RHIMES & CLASSIC BEATS, we tell what surrounds us without frills. In 2012 we publish “THE REUNION” still GigaMan & B-Murs.
Recently then, skipping a few years, “SEVEN WEEK” mixtape is out in 2015, this time Tapiz &amp interchange at the microphone; Giga, who meanwhile also work at a new project, “AMATEUR” ep, accompanied this time by BIG HOUSE, producer and member of the BIRRETTE FAMILY, started in OCTOBER 2015. A disc to transmit love for this HIP HOP thing.
In 2017 the First official Album titled “DALL’INIZIO ALLA FINE” cames out.
This time the idea was to group producers (MorsaMBC, Menevolt Studio, BigHouse, BHLRecordz, FreshBeat) in a project which departs from the origins of Hip Hop / Funky, passing through decisely more Hardcore rap pieces.. getting then to more New sounds. Alex Adami // Drimer // Max (Rebel Rootz) // Dj Magno // Dj Slego are collaborating in this Album. What you need to know for now is above for the future.

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