Lost Obsession

Italy // Bolzano



Voice: Matthias Federer
Guitar: Peter Windegger
Guitar: Matteo Saffiotti

Bass: Alex Nardelli
Drums: Alex Weger
Background Vocals: Sophie Pichler

The band is official born in October 2016, after a long settlement period of the founders, Alex and Matthias, who have different members in previous band, who never satisfy them. So that, years later, they finally become a real band and play together with the name “Lost Obsession”! They quickly find their common denominator, Rock!
Forged from sixties Rock n’ Roll’s purity and tempered by Hard Rock’s aggressivity they start to compose their pieces. They soon discover that to progress in the musical field it is necessary to compromise, they have to play covers. But their passion stays in composing their music by themselves.

The first concerts are at Pub Six where they know Werner, the owner, who suddenly becomes a friend. In one of the several nights after rehearsals spent at Pub Six they start to speak about organizing a big concert, which then turned into a festival.




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