Il Cin

Italy // Bolzano



Kevin Saltarin born in Bozen Bolzano on May 10, 1994.

Half Oriental (Chinese mother) half European, that is Italian (my father). I approach the hip hop world with classic playfield songs, with a joint between my hands, or two. Note killer (so the old Club Dogo), Giorno e notte (Inoki e Joe Cassano), Babaman, Amir Issaa, Sangue Misto, Duplici, Coez, Mondo Marcio, Ensi.
This last one, together with OneMic, brought me closer to the 2theBeat world since the beginning, followed in Youtube until learning every challenge as well as, later, perfect techniques! Ensi made me enthusiast about freestyle where my talent is improvisation, based upon this school and my school of thought.
So I am born with playfield music, but then, with years, the genre gets commercial and I keep following artists like Gué Pequeno, in a sense getting commercial myself. Always, obviously, appreciating old as a base, but preferring more sung, let’s say mainstream melodica.
So during the years I have undergone an evolution which detached me from classical, technically impeccable bars and brought me more towards melodic, Trap in general. I arrived until MTV Spit’s semifinal, made with other 11 mc in Bozen Bolzano, at my first appearance, getting out against sacred cow Tach (who gave me public compliments). Now I’m out with four Trap tracks, of which one will be in my next album and is an exclusive of BeaZ Radio. My album is on progress (cin cin).

I have got grand projects, but overall what I want to transmit through music is my periods, my life, what I experience and live in the moment.
I think I can give much to music since who really listens to me absorbs concepts about what I live and often reflects himself on them…

Often the number of haters I have makes me think I have the numbers to do it even more. There’s nothing I expect from music at the end it’s a cure for everyone, it makes you feel better and that’s it.
I like it since on the surface I am an arrogant smartass, but I have a lot of good inside to give and transmit.




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