Italy // Bolzano



Emmex, stage name for Mirko Da Come, is a 1995 born rapper and producer, founder of “La Fami17e” collective. Starting to rap at an early age, the first rhimes immediately written, he is publishing his first projects only since 2015. Instead, he approaches production at the end of 2012, self-taught, to get producing for several artists of the Italian scene. A really versatile artist, both from writing and production points of view, he manages to interpret rapped tracks and much more melodic ones.
As producer, he has clearly got his strength point in the creation of powerful and engaging grooves, with widespread presence of “808” basses, which best match his beats’ melodies.
Also able in mixing, he personally curates every track for the collective’s members.
In 2015 he publishes the video for “La Famille”, from which the starting collective will take its name.
He counts a series of non official mixtapes, which culminate with with the publication of “Into The Matrix”, EP, which was realized in a few days together with producer E2dy.
On April 17th, 2018 he publishes “Young Hyde vol.1”, a full of collaboration mixtape, which saw its publication postponed for almost a year.




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