Italy // Bolzano



DayShineRising is a gathering of people who love to dedicate time and money to malfeasance music. It all started in summer 2004, when Riky, Fede, Izzo and me entered a small room and tried to vent our tension. What came out of it was recognizably Hardcore, because of Riky (former singer of Bound)’s background and of our common tastes: Strife, Walls of Jericho, Raised Fist etc.
After some concerts we decided to record the first demo: Burning in the growing day. It is a middle level amateur recording (excellent, considering the means), which partly marked the end of a phase. A few months after the publication, in summer 2005 to be more precise, Sean joined the group, bringing big change in sound, riffs and technique. Please do not consider me conceited if I say that after his Advent everyone of us grew significatively, from a technical point of view above all. Our music evolved to distinctly metal. Give us the time to put some songs and concerts together and here we are, in studio to record Screaming Out The Unspoken.




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