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Thanks to the synergy between the MUA Movimento Universitario Altoatesino and a young and passionate team was founded, in 2017, the first university internet radio in South Tyrol, based in Bolzano in the office of “Federazione Culturale Gaetano Gambara”.

BeaZ Radio’s mission is to enrich people’s life by supporting native music and discovering new local artists, making significant music experiences.

With a program formed and managed by university students of Bolzano, BeaZ Radio desires to be an innovative, dynamic and interactive web radio station, due to the new tools offered by the web.

Thanks to BeaZ Radio nowadays it’s possible to pollinate the globe of the music lovers with the pollen of the native artists, exploiting the emotional power of art to strengthen the connections between all area people.

All artists are selected by a squad of specialists according on their ability, selecting musical genres including popular music, rap, hip-hop, rock, ragge, alternatives, techno and more.

Our radio organizes events and produces live performances every year.

BeaZ Radio’s doors are always open to receive new proposals and ideas.

Don’t hesitate to contactus for any reason.

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Phone: 0471 933197

Email: info@beazradio.it